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Students Use 3D Printing to Create Biologically-Based Robots from Living Tissue

The following article was taken from here. “At the University of California Merced, the students in Professor Kara McCloskey’s class are building robots. That’s pretty neat, you may think, but not at all unusual – even elementary school kids are learning how to build robots these days, aren’t they? Not this kind of robots. McCloskey’s […]

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These Are the Oldest Businesses in Every State

The following article was taken from here. “A number of businesses have been around since before our nation was even established. In fact, some of the oldest businesses in the U.S. date back to the early 1600s. These companies have consistently offered their products and services for centuries. In some cases, they’ve become the backbone […]

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5 Reasons Why Sustainability and Social Issues Attract Customers

The following was taken from here. “Informed consumers want more than the latest fashions, technologies and entertainment options: They are also concerned about environmental issues, fair trade and social equality. And they want to purchase their goods and services from companies responsive to these issues. This connection between economic and social choices provides entrepreneurs with great marketing opportunities, […]

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GADGETS 3D Printing Prosthetic, Real And Bionic Ears For Kids Born Without Them

The following article was taken from here. “FutureHear is part of a partnership between QUT and Hear and Say, a charity providing hearing, listening and speaking solutions for children, to develop next-generation 3D printed prosthetic ears. The prosthetic ears are the first step in a program that will eventually create real tissue and bionic ears […]

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