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Student Uses 3D Printing To Prevent Spread Of Malaria, Zika, and Infectious Disease

The following article was taken from here! “Rapid identification of infectious disease outbreaks can be vital in limiting damage and coordinating an appropriate response. While modern drugs can combat many of these diseases, in developing countries the lack of ready access to lab equipment can delay diagnosis. 3D printing is playing a role in changing […]

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10 Places Every Entrepreneur Should Visit At Least Once

We had some technical difficulties with our blog, but we are back in business! The following article, 10 Places Every Entrepreneur Should Visit At Least Once, was taken from here. “Gaining perspective through travel can be really valuable for entrepreneurs. Kunal Desai, CEO of online investing and trading education site Bulls on Wall Street, spends roughly half of […]

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Startups, Startups, and More Startups!

Hello Makers! Here are some startups that we found particularly interesting! Salty Girl – These ladies sell pre-package and ready-to-cook seafood! Read: Salty Girl Seafood Startup Finds Footing in Santa Barbara Retail Market Twizoo –  a London startup, is now going to let you make reservations over Twitter! Read: This London Startup Will Let You Book A Restaurant […]

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National Week Of Making

Hello Makers! I hope you had a chance to tune into the live stream from the White House last week! Exciting changes are happening in the world, including the National Week of Making! June 12-18 is considered the National Week of Making, so be sure to participate!You can read more about it here! Join the […]

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What’s New in 3D Printing

3D printing, also referred to as additive manufacturing (AM), is gaining momentum in many fields. Here are some of the important breakthroughs: Medicine ( Why Shape Matters: The Rise Of 3D Printing In Pharmacy 3D printing: the future of manufacturing medicine? Rocket Construction ( Eden Prairie Company Takes 3D Printing into Space Dentistry 3D Printing […]

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