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Celebrating Pittsburgh Makers: Melissa Frost

Made Right Here wants to celebrate makers in Pittsburgh. This week we’re focusing on Melissa Frost who is a jewelry maker currently in our Maker Professional job training program at TechShop Pittsburgh. Her jewelry company Frost Finery is known for dainty metal daily wear pieces inspired by nature.

Melissa came to Made Right Here with a web design background and a few jewelry classes under her belt. Since joining she has taken many classes to enhance her skills and help her quickly produce more consistent pieces while accurately predicting her manufacturing costs. She has learned Flowcut, FlowPath, VCarve, and Illustrator software products which she uses on machines such as the FlowJet (water jet), laser cutter and ShopBot. She has also registered her business with the state of Pennsylvania, developed her brand and logo, implemented company policies for shipping and returns, launched her website and Etsy store, and participated in several local craft fairs, all while constantly prototyping products and attending Maker Professional classes.

Melissa says, “The Maker Professional program has helped me learn the business side of being a creative entrepreneur. I’ve learned how to document the ordering of supplies and how to make my products with less material waste and therefore less money lost in materials. Coming from the digital world of web design, I never thought about the waste that is produced when you make a physical product. You don’t have to worry about that when you’re making websites. Now I’ve found creative ways to reuse my materials and it’s led to new products.”

Melissa hopes to run Frost Finery as a full-time business while participating in more craft shows and increasing her Etsy sales this year. To get to know Melissa even further, listen to her Creative Briefs podcast on the Pittsburgh chapter of AIGA’s website, read her blog, and most importantly, buy something from her shop. Melissa is a Pittsburgh Maker worth celebrating!

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