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Maker Professional Employer Testimonial: Ron Mumbray, Anchor Seals

Made Right Here has been successfully placing Maker Professionals in local manufacturing jobs and employers are very happy with the results. Ron Mumbray, President of Anchor Seals, Inc., a distributor of fluid sealing products for industrial customers throughout North America, testifies about his experience with the Maker Professional job training and the employees it produces.

“After being introduced to Made Right Here and visiting the Bakery Square location, I was both educated and amazed at the talent of the people using this facility.

After leaving the facility, I thought that this might be an opportunity to find talent to interview for possible positions within our company. Some of the skills which are required in our manufacturing process are mechanical engineers, machinists, operators and individuals who have an understanding of computers, software programs or to run auto CAD programs.

To date we have interviewed five to six individuals from the Maker Professional Program and we have hired two individuals. One being a mechanical engineer who has been with us for 6 months and has demonstrated to be a very hard working individual and has picked up on our specialized industry of mechanical seals.

The other individual was hired as a programmer and operator to run the newly purchased Atom Flash Cutter, which is a state of the art gasket cutting machine.

We have found it to be our experience as a company, that the people we have interviewed from the Maker Professional Program display a more professional demeanor as opposed to the other people we have interviewed from other training programs.

I would definitely recommend the Maker Professional Program to other commercialized manufacturers without hesitation.”


Thank you,

Ronald V. Mumbray Jr.


Anchor Seals, Inc.

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